Episode 135: Darktable

Late – but here is #135. 😉

Darktable is a new RAW converter, photo editor and image manager for Linux and MacOS. It is in early development and has some really cool features. most of them I only have partially explored, but what I saw was promising.

You find Darktable for Ubuntu at Pascal’s ppa.


04:10 Darktable
04:50 Overview of interface
05:30 The lighttable
06:20 Zooming
08:00 Selections
08:20 Tagging
09:00 The Darkroom
09:30 Profiles needed
10:50 Exposure
11:40 Reset
12:50 Curves
14:00 Clipping / cropping
14:40 Sharpening
16:10 More plugins
16:30 Lens correction
17:30 Colour correction
18:30 Monochrome
20:00 Equalizer
21:00 History
22:10 The Verdict

Table of Contents

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