Episode 039: Different Tones and a View into the NEAR Future

I have some very nice news about the upcoming version 2.6 of GIMP. Exclusively for Meet the GIMP! before it will hit the mailing lists tomorrow.

The rest of the show covers toning monochrome images and includes a new feature – the Blunder Alert Overlay. The image here is a tritone of blue in the shadows, red in the midtones and orange in the highlights. EDIT: Have a look at show #106 for an improved toning technique.

The slideshow for the monochrome challenge and the fully randomized drawing of the winner will be on next week. I hadn’t looked on my calendar when I set the 31th of March as the final date. Next challenge will end on Tuesday, then I have a week to make the stuff ready.

I have some links for you:

  • rore’s split tone example from flickr
  • The GIMP users group discussion there
  • Duotone in Wikipedia
  • Gimpforum.de has the screenshot, not gimpusers. Sorry for the mix up.

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Just to fill the week between the episodes – some links for you. Find images under Creative Commons licenses with matching colours at TinEye. Creative Commons?

I am back!

Life threw some interesting stuff in my direction – mostly positive – that consumed a lot of my time and attention. But now I have