Call for Content – GIMP Magazine is here!

(Steve asked me to publish this – sounds like a very good idea!)
A quarterly magazine for GIMP users to include: next gen software features (and road ahead type articles), tips and tricks, tutorials, and most importantly a magazine to show off your stunning art, photography and graphic design works created in GIMP or related open source software.  All of this wrapped in some really cool and professional looking graphic design and layout.  Everyone will be able to download this magazine completely free as it should be!  Follow us on twitter for details

The theme for the first issue is “Next Gen GIMP”

We need your help to contribute to this magazine:

  • summary of new features in GIMP 2.8 and how they work
  • your best photography post processed in GIMP / UFRAW etc…
  • your most awesome graphic art created in GIMP
  • your gimp tutorials
  • your tips & tricks
  • your list of favourite gimp resources (website URLs)
  • your new coolest scripts and plugin descriptions
  • even your other open source software reviews
  • your favorite hardware reviews
  • and your most requested future GIMP upgrades / feature requests

Step 1

Send in your articles to [email protected]

Subject: “GIMP Magazine – Issue # 1  [your article name]”

Last Date of submissions:  June 1, 2012 (about 5-6 weeks from now)

Step 2

Articles Guidelines:
  • Provide the article in ODT, TXT, DOC, RTF or HTML.(EDITED Apr 26)
  • Provide small images separately and within the document so we know where they should be placed.
  • properly cut the images
  • screen captures minimum 800px wide
  • ZIP everything, please no 7Zip or RAR (just zip)
Cover Image or Feature Image Guidelines:
  • Provide URL links to flickr or other high resolution image storage sites (cover, or feature art submissions)
  • OR attach the image itself, properly cropped the way you want it to appear

Step 3

You also must accept that the magazine will be licensed CC-AT-SA, and you accept the term that we take no responsibility for the material in any form and the submission will automatically mean that you have agreed to the our terms and conditions for the submission.

Step 4

Also include something about You in your email:

  • Name: This can be your full name or a nickname
  • Photograph: As PNG and maximum width of 256Px.
  • About yourself: Max 25 words .
  • Website: (optional)

Maybe your art or photograph will be featured on the cover of the first issue of GIMP Magazine!  Show Wilber some love and submit today!

Good Luck

GIMP Magazine Team (Jordan, Rod, Dave and Steve)

Table of Contents

On Key

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