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Life threw some interesting stuff in my direction – mostly positive – that consumed a lot of my time and attention. But now I have

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TablePress for online casino guides

TablePress is a free WordPress plugin. It let’s the webmaster easily create tables without any knowledge of coding needed. This plugin is frequently used by online casino guides where they display various offers from online casinos, such as sign up no deposit bonuses. The creator of the plugin also offer extensions to make the plugin responsive or letting the user add PHP into the tables. If you’re running any type of online gambling guide, this is the perfect plugin for you, and it’s free!

tablepress for online casino guides

AJAX Search for WooCommerce

The AJAX Search for WooCommerce is a very useful plugin for eCommerce sites. One site that is using the plugin is the famous webshop Artfrill. They have implemented the plugin right in their main menu. The visitors can just type in any keyword and the plugin will instantly recommend wall arts based on on that keyword. Artfrill is a one-stop webshop for posters and canvas art. They specialize in various types of wall arts, for example luxury wall art for living rooms and canvas art for offices.

AJAX Search plugin on Artfrill

AAWP for review pages

AAWP is a very handy plugin. The Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin makes it super easy to monetize a website. This plugin is often used by affiliate sites, it is developed by a German company and used by many affiliate sites, e.g. a trustable review site for facial tanning lamps. The owner of it, Marina Gottlieb, highly recommends the plugin: “Our website is all about reviews of facial tanning lamps and the plugin is a perfect fit for review sites. All the important criteria to make the buying decision are displayed in the tables of AAWP.”

Original: (Unsere Webseite hat sich auf den Oberkörperbräuner Test spezialisiert. Es werden verschiedene Gesichtsbräuner miteinander verglichen und das Plugin AAWP stellt die einzelnen Kriterien (Gewicht, Maße, Leistung, Verstellbarkeit und Preis) übersichtlich nebeneinander. Wir würden es jedem empfehlen!“ Marina Gottlieb)

AAWP comparison table

Mercury Sports Betting Affiliate WordPress Theme

Mercury Betting 1 is a cutting-edge, premium WordPress theme designed specifically for new online betting sites. This powerful theme integrates seamlessly with a variety of popular sports and gambling APIs to provide live updates, scores, odds, and betting opportunities, enabling users to create a comprehensive and engaging betting platform. The theme boasts a responsive, mobile-first design that ensures optimal viewing experience across devices. The clean, intuitive layout maximizes user engagement and makes navigation a breeze. Its visually striking design elements, bold typography, and vibrant color schemes captivate users, while customizable widgets allow for the integration of social media, latest news, and featured content. The review template is excellent for reviewing popular online casino brands such as Betway India or Casino Days. One of the standout features of Mercury Betting 1 is its customizable odds tables and betting slips, which allow site administrators to tailor their offerings to the preferences of their audience. Advanced betting features, such as cash out options and live betting support, are also included. Furthermore, Mercury Betting 1 offers seamless integration with popular payment gateways, providing users with a secure and convenient way to manage their transactions. Backed by top-notch customer support, regular updates, and extensive documentation, this theme is an excellent choice for those looking to launch or revamp their betting websites or online casino guides.

mercury sports betting wordpress theme
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