Episode 115: Jahshaka and a GAP

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You may have noticed the new intro at the top of the show since we turned HD. It was made by Philippe with a combination of GIMP, Jahshaka and GAP, the GIMP Animation Package. As reported by Torbjorn below Jahshaka has been given a new name, CineFX: http://www.cinefx.org/ Is this a fork?

Jahshaka is a video editing and special effects tool. I looked into it as an editor when I planned this podcast and preferred then Cinelerra instead. Jahshaka has matured a lot in the last two years but is still a pain to install under most Linuxes, but it seems to be fine with Windows and OS X.

Philippe asked me to write here that this is just a short look into Jahshaka – no in depth tutorial. But I liked it a lot while I was editing the video.

And think about our two challenges! We have already some entries for the photography department – but the “from scratch” area is still an empty canvas. Well, it takes more time dto do something from scratch and the challenge is open up to September 9th.

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[Gimp-user] ANNOUNCE: GIMP Animation Package 2.4.0 and GIMP 2.4.4

From the Gimp-User mailinglist:

Sven Neumann <sven@gimp.org>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 21:34:52 +0100

GAP, the GIMP Animation Package, is a collection of plug-ins
to extend GIMP with capabilities to edit and create animations as
sequences of single frames.

Version 2.4.0 of the GIMP Animation Package is now available. This is a
bug-fix release that makes GAP usable with GIMP 2.4.x releases. The
source code can be downloaded from


Users who are not familiar with building software from source code are
advised to wait for binary packages to become available.

Happy GIMPing,

Gimp-user mailing list

Sven Neumann is the maintainer of Gimp and together with Michael Natterer one of the two main programmers today.

EDIT: GAP is maintained by Wolfgang Hofer.

2nd EDIT: This was just now dumped into my InBox, again from Sven:

GIMP 2.4.4 is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.4 series. The source
code can be downloaded from ftp.gimp.org. Binary packages for the
various supported platforms are expected to become available soon.

Changes in GIMP 2.4.4

– fixed typo in stock icon name
– fixed handling of PSD files with empty layer names (bug #504149)
– merged TinyScheme bug-fixes
– removed duplicate entry from Tango palette
– corrected parameter range in Chip Away script (bug #506110)
– reduced redraw priority and speed of the marching ants (bug #479875)
– fixed out-of-bounds array access in Convolution Matrix plug-in
– reduced rounding errors in Convolution Matrix plug-in (bug #508114)
– fixed potential crash on missing CMYK color profile
– fixed crash in Bumpmap plug-in when called from scripts (bug #509608)
– Equalize should not equalise the alpha channel (bug #510210)
– increased number of points handled by ImageMap plug-in (bug #511072)
– adjusted the priority of the projection renderer (bug #511214)
– smooth the brush mask to get a simpler cursor boundary (bug #304798)
– show the selection even if the image window is invisible (bug #505758)
– allow to commit a pending selection using Enter (bug #511599)
– fixed bug in image dirty state logic (bug #509822)
– improved GIMPressionist preformance and startup time (bug #512126)
– fixed a crash in the Convert to Color Profile plug-in (bug #512529)
– merged some other minor fixes from trunk
– translation updates (de, it, lt, ru, sv, uk)


Sven Neumann, Michael Natterer, Kevin Cozens, Hans Breuer,
Bill Skaggs, Ulf-D. Ehlert, Martin Nordholts

Gimp-user mailing list

Episode 021: I warp and more fun with animations

Download the Video!
Download the companion file! (…if there is one…. 😉 )

No real work today – but a lot of fun with the iwarp plugin and a little bit of the GAP (Gimp Animation Package). And you get some more advice about making animations by some of the viewers.

You find Jeffegg2’s baby picture here. Still a bit of a wrinkled forehead – but definitely a smile.

The GAP tutorial at gimp.org has more informations about GAP.

Don’t forget to make a panorama and put it into the photogroup!


00:23 Welcome
00:33 Video Table of Contents
00:55 Thank you to Jeff
02:58 IWarp plugin
04:00 Deformation modes
07:30 Animate
09:25 Viewer feedback on animations
10:41 Copy Visible
11:36 Animation blending
13:30 Something incredible!
13:40 Morphing using GAP
19:07 Panorama Challenge
21:03 The End
TOC made by paynekj