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I got a nice letter from Lawrence Lessig today. He had some questions about the licensing of “Meet the Gimp!” under Creative Commons and asked for support. (Well, eh…. the letter started “Hello Blogger,…..” but isn’t it nice to get mail from a famous professor? 😉 )

Creative Commons is a great thing and I was astonished that it has been only around for 5 years now. It seems so obvious. Everybody who wants to can use my videos in a lot of ways – even cut them in pieces or run them backwards on big screens in a football stadium (no idea why somenone could want to do that…). Even selling them is possible without asking me or having to share the money. There are two things the license (and I) insists on: tell my name (attribution – BY) and publish it under the same license (share alike – SA).

But I haven’t given them away. I still own the copyright and if someone wants to do something that is not covered under the license, he can ask me about a deal.

And now it’s time to support Creative Commons. There is a donation widget on the sidebar, clicking on that with your credit card in hand is highly encouraged.

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