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Jim sent me a screenshot of GIMP 2.7 in single window mode. Looks good and I am going to try it soon. Click on the image for a 100% view.

I got also a video about this, but haven’t been able to look at it up to now. We had “an unpleasantness” in the forum last week. All the sleuthing around in the log files and communicating has cost me at least 8 hours last week (I could/would have made a full blown show in that time) and this week I have to finish grades. So you will have to wait for the Weekend.

I now know in which school I will be working after the summer. It is in Berlin Neukölln-Britz. I want to live a bit more north, in Kreuzberg or “Kreuzkölln”. And now I am really starting to look for a flat there to rent.

5 thoughts on “Single Window Mode

  1. I did check the single window mode briefly with 2.7 … I never understood the need for single window mode personally… I really like the old mode (which will be supported in the fu´.ture, as far as I know).

    But It’s good that in the future you will have the choice, of course…

  2. For Windows users the single window mode seems to be a “killer-feature”.
    It’s probably because modern window managers like KWin and Compiz can handle it so well and the toolkits have adapted to this, and on X11 people are used to have several desktops and windows from remote clients — something you won’t find on Windows (without additional programs). So multiple windows became part of the workflow and their management is left to the window manager — less work for the program developers.
    But I see one possible use: Small screen resolutions (for example while screenrecording) and mobile devices with unusual aspect ratios and limited ressources. KDE and Qt had to do a lot of work for this and Gnome and GTK are currently on the leap forward. So this might become an important factor for this development.

  3. Something important I just noticed: While in single window mode don’t use the spacer between image view and toolbar. It’s buggy and won’t allow you to move it back.

  4. Hi,
    i recently tried out 2.7 myself, and the only problem i had with it was a bug in the window resizing.
    When you open the tools window farther, you cannot slide it back.Hopefully this will be fixed in 2.8.

    Other than that it worked great.

Anything to add from your side of the computer?