New in 2.5 (2.6) “hybrid polygon/free select tool”!

David gowers wrote a comment that I pull to the front page.

Another exciting thing that will be in 2.6 (and the next 2.5 release) is the hybrid polygon/free select tool! It is truly a thing of beauty, the way you can edit it as you go, easily rotate or scale any freehand section by moving an endpoint, or edit a polygonal segment just by moving an endpoint — and no longer requiring the entire selection to be completed in one stroke is also great! It might be an interesting topic to cover as part of a future show.

Anyone who is curious, also, I strongly recommend you get a SVN checkout of the latest GIMP and try it! It’s worth the effort.

I’ll do that – sometime next week.

3 thoughts on “New in 2.5 (2.6) “hybrid polygon/free select tool”!

  1. You could also use the paths tool. It doesn’t allow anything completely freehand, but otherwise, it’s quite useful.

  2. Personally I have, quite a lot. It’s nice to convert the result of a freehand/poly selection to a path to smooth it out. For pure ease of quickly sketching what you want, freehand/poly select is the best; I will still use paths for editing a selection or anything really precise — for the rest, it’s freehand/poly, cause it’s just so much faster and more usable.

  3. yeah, david, the tool really rocks now!!! I planned a small 2.5 preview for the website, and the new hybrid-freeselect-tool will be mentioned of course 😉

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