New free music from John Pazdan

RIAA is working for YOU!

RIAA is working for YOU!

John Pazdanhas made the music I play in the podcast. It’s a building block like system where I can assemble stuff as I want. As an artist he makes a different kind of music, something where you have to listen a bit more careful than with the podcast silence killer.
He has made a new bunch of music available for free download and use under CC license. You find the RSS feed in the sidebar. Up to now I haven’t heard much of it (I knew this one 😉 ) but I really like this video/music combination (Edit: Link changed – I wanted to point to a “pure” artistic video and not the also well done Obama ad). Lot’s of work and a great result.

5 thoughts on “New free music from John Pazdan

  1. just stopping by to say hi… to thank Rolf..and to alert/remind/reinforce something that sometimes goes by very quickly here, without any acknowledgment.

    Rolf Steinort has enough energy to light up Chicago (and that’s..a lot)..and shares that energy with you, his loyal podcast listeners, every week…enlightening you on what is not a very easy to use piece of software..the Mighty Gimp. (if it was easy, all of you would be bored with it!..). He does this because he believes in the principles of Free Education and Sharing. And he does it with humor and style too. Dude boy is a killa ( that is Chicago-speak for someone who is on top of things..). When you meet someone like him and see what he does in the world, it really serves as an example of how to start behaving your own bad self (ref: James Brown, the Godfather of Soul..see, I am putting footnotes in ;)…

    These dark days, especially in my country, which has endured 8 years of a regime which almost destroyed it, it is more important than ever that we realize the inter-dependency of the 7 billion..and to “help the brother out”..
    Professor Steinort does this on a weekly (daily) basis..and we owe him a large round of mass appreciation.

    So…any of you guys and grrrls who are into the Gimp and use it with the help of these fine podcasts..stop by my humble, GRAPHICALLY CHALLENGED site and get some free tunes..or if you need some real..ORIGINAL (none of that canned shite over where I am) music, made just for your project..and your project is for good, not evil..I’ll be happy to do it for free…it’s the least I can do in Rolf’s footsteps..

  2. Artists – always over the top! 😉

    Professor – well, if I had stayed in Hamburg I would still be a “Herr Oberstudienrat” (don’t try to translate), but here in Bremen I am just “Lehrer” (teacher). And my energy….. 😉

    But I am with you with the hope for a new beginning in the US and the hope that the times ahead are not as bleak as some fear and predict.

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