Liquid rescale – new version of plugin!

You can get a new version of the liquid rescale plugin of episode 14. Buralex mailed me that info – thanks! And he said that the plugin is indeed improved. I copy that part of his mail here:

I found it much easier to work with – you might want to retry the “cows” to see if you agree 🙂

Changes are:

* Faster engine
* Different use of preserve/discard layers
* Works on floating selections
* Rigidity introduced to control the seams Interface
* New interface with notebook
* Output to new layer option
* Visualization of seams in a separate layer
* Refresh button
* Create new layer button
* More sensible strength scale
* Added tooltips

New version changes the preferred way to use the plug-in.

Now you

1. Open the dialog and click “New” in “Feature preservation mask” group.

2. Temporarily move the dialog somewhere and use the brush to mark features to preserve in the new layer that LqR has just created for you. Note that color of brush has automagically changed to green.

3. Go back to the dialog and click “Refresh”. Preview will be updated, so small preview of the layer above will.

4. If you need to remove some features, do the same with “Feature discard mask”. Note that color of the brush will automatically change to red.

5. Define new size, strength for each mask, gradient function etc. Click OK.

New Rigidity option is useful when you have a number of “structured” objects (e.g. architecture, windows etc.) that have straight lines that should not be distorted.

Thanks for the mail, Alec! I’ll try that after I have worked out my email trouble.

3 thoughts on “Liquid rescale – new version of plugin!

  1. Rolf,

    Thank you for shows. Sorry, could not keep the race with all podcasts, so last yours are in the queue.

    This LRS plugin looks very impressive and I’m going to try it today.

    By the way, I could not recall you ever mentioned all plugins you are using or going to use. Could it be a good subject for a new podcast.

    PS: many thanks for the gimp 2.3.18. I’ve installed it everywhere (also in office on WinXP) and enjoy its stability.


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