GIMP on the Go! – New Mobile Device with GIMP on it!

Mobile device with GIMP on itI just got an e-mail from an anonymous source claiming to be in southern China with an image and a description of a mobile device running Linux and GIMP. This is supposed to be the hand held graphics solution.

The specs are nice:

ARM processor 1276 MHz
12 GB flash storage, also usable as a USB disk

600×800 OLED touchscreen usable with fingers, stylus or special pressure and tilt sensible stylus
2 mouse buttons on the right side and a scroll wheel on the left
USB port for keyboard and printers
5 hours of battery life
Mini DVI to plug in a screen with up to 1024×768
3 MP camera
Usable as a tablet with Linux, Windows and Mac – GIMP window is then displayed on the tablet – compatible with Wacom driver interface, drivers for all 3 OS are supplied
SANE installed – so a lot of scanners should work
Communication with WIFI and Bluetooth
Browser and an application for uploading images to major photo sharing sites included. (F-SPOT??)

Sorry, no information about size, costs and availability up to now. I’ll try to get in contact with the source and provide some more information.

    12 thoughts on “GIMP on the Go! – New Mobile Device with GIMP on it!

    1. Would be a nice device, but a faked picture and an anonymous source seem not very trustworthy.

      BTW: this screen is definitely not 3:4 🙂


    2. Wow. This is amazing. If that’s only a mockup, then that’s just fine. Just a thought. They could have made the photo cleaner. I look forward on the update of this device.

    3. Amazing potential, for basic operation on the road , cropping, color and exposure correction, without talking about the connectivity, the only drawback I see is the vertical screen…. I hope it can be rotated, and the absence of card reader, but any way I would love to have one of those baby 😉

    4. One step closer to my ultimate music device..Rolf..could you ask the guy in China if he could make an espresso function too? and pay my bills by printing useless money (much like the US government is now doing)..oh, and if it could walk the dog..that would be good too.

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    Anything to add from your side of the computer?