Gimp 2.6.1 is out!

Up to now I have only found the source packages but I will post again when compiled packages are around.
What’s new?

Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.6.0 to GIMP 2.6.1

* Bugs fixed:

555587 – PSD file crashes PSD plug-in
555222 – PSD Load Plugin: unsupported compression mode
555362 – gimp-remote is not working properly
555280 – some gif files will not be open
554890 – JPEG Save Options Dialog does not remember
554966 – Gimp crashes creating a new image using a template
554785 – Compile failure on uri-backend-libcurl
554646 – Opening Help crashes GIMP with lqr-plugin installed
553534 – centering issues after image scaling and setting zoom
554898 – Compile failure on uri-backend-wget.c

15 thoughts on “Gimp 2.6.1 is out!

  1. Windows version available from:
    This page isn’t updated yet – still says 2.6.0
    On it click: Windows installers by Jernej Simončič and on that page Stable downloads.

    I was having problems with Help on Windows system. Apparently Browser Help now works but GIMP Help browser still broken.

    Rolf – along with this notification (which I get in my Thunderbird RSS feeds) I also got reposts of episodes 1 through around 20. I guess this was in conjunction with making older versions available for IPODs?

    Also: I notice you switched back to the “square” version for Episode 65. Here’s one more vote for the wide-screen format of Episode 64

  2. Thanks for the links. I just found some for Mac too – and has some too. I’ll edit the post.

    The RSS feeds go now back to episode 1. I hope this doesn’t upset too much – but perhaps I have to change that back. We had a serious server overload yesterday. Apache had to be restarted after 180 days of flawless performance. It seemed to have been caused by a flood of show downloads from several people who each requested a lot of shows in the same minute. If this has a connection to the long feed I’ll go back to 20 entries.

    Wide screen will come. But it needs some time for preparation. The graphics for intro, outro and overlays have to be changed and the whole toolchain revised. #64 was “handmade”. 😉 Then we’ll have to implement a second feed for mobile devices with a scaled down version. And now, as MTG Inc. has evolved to a multinational conglomerate I have to coordinate with our offices in Chile. 😉

  3. for ubuntu and debian you may search here pre-compiled .debs:

    and for Ubuntu a short but updated how to compile guide is here for 2.6 but for 2.6.1 nothing change except the source code to download

    For windows i suggest to avoid to try to use the help with the web browser, that may crash gimp, (on my 2 PC that always crash gimp )

  4. Now that the 2.7..2.8 dev cycle is underway:

    The current development version in Subversion has some, not quite working yet, code for calculating the projection using GEGL, thanks to Luidnel Maignan and Michael Natterer 🙂
    This will improve the view quality and accuracy (calculations done in 32bit floating point linear RGB, rather than 8bit sRGB; only converted back to 8bit sRGB at the final step, displaying the result.),
    and consequently the quality of the final merged/flattened image. It is also a step towards sub-layers/layer trees and improving the performance of images containing many layers.

    Freehand curves are also,finally, saveable to disk. HURRAH 🙂

    In 2.6, GEGL only comes into play with the color adjustment tools. I found it very odd that some people said it slowed gimp down a lot, when it only effected that area.

    From the gimp-developer mailing list, people want to work on the following things in the 2.7…2.8 dev cycle

    – merge the successful GSoC projects (improved text tool, resource tagging, and gimp-python interface improvements)
    – attempt a port of the projection code (and perhaps more) to GEGL
    – change tools to draw using the Cairo library

    – Address bug 471344, fast circular strokes become polygonal
    – brush rotation and related dynamics options

    – Reduce dockable screen footprint
    – Supporting one-window layouts by allowing to dock the toolbox and
    dialogs to image windows/the empty image window
    AND / OR
    – Introduce tabs into the image window. The possibility of having multiple images open in a tabbed image window.
    (there is some conflict about which needs to happen first)

    – better default resources (brushes, gradients, patterns, et al)

    – geometry tool integration (scale/skew/rotate/perspective combined)
    – layer groups
    – improved handling of floating selection

    – Color neutral GUI theming

  5. David, thanks for this update from the GIMP development cellars!

    I would love to have you as a “correspondent” on the blog – this deserves the frontpage and not a hidden comment.

  6. Thanks to David for the update.

    As of 2.6.0: it was a fairly untested release, probably just to meet the deadline. I took me just a minute to crash it. (I was the one who reported bug #554966)

    As of the coming releases 2.7 or 2.8: I’m disappointed that there is no commitment towards 16 Bit support. With a new digital camera I’ve switched to a workflow with raw and 16 Bit image processing … and, unfortunately, I’ve to move away from The Gimp.

  7. Hi,

    I guess this is not quite the right place for a bug report and I am more than happy to add a report to the appropriate location if someone points me to it. I just installed 2.6.1 and in comparison to 2.6.0 the drag and drop within the layer window is not working anymore. Before I could move layers up and down with the mouse or create a copy by dragging the source on the copy icon.

  8. Steve: Chances are, it’s completely fair to say the dev team have a commitment to NOT implementing 16bit for 2.8 : It is simply too soon.
    We are only just starting to use GEGL (for color adjustments, and in dev version, view calculation). When GEGL is used consistently throughout all relevant parts of GIMP, then we can consider supporting deeper color depths.

    To give some idea of the scope, here are some of the things that must be upgraded:
    * tile + image management core
    * paint core
    * plugin interface
    * palette storage format
    * color selectors
    * plugins and misc dialogs, anywhere that gives RGB values on a range 0..255
    * display code (currently in progress)
    * histogram
    * selection mask handling

    Because we are trying to stick to a schedule, one or two of these items may be done before 2.8; I would be astounded if all of them were, though.

  9. @Steve

    “As of 2.6.0: it was a fairly untested release, probably just to meet the deadline.”

    There was no deadline. Why do you think there was one?
    “I took me just a minute to crash it. (I was the one who reported bug #554966)”

    It lok like you are a good bugfinder. Perhaps it would help if you can thest the betas next time, so that the next version will have less bugs in the final.

    “As of the coming releases 2.7 or 2.8: I’m disappointed that there is no commitment towards 16 Bit support. ”

    Who that that there is no commitment towards 16 Bit support? Why do you think all this work on GEGL is made?

  10. what about adding plugs that implements photoshop features like:
    i think it would be a great idea to add to gimp website Filters gallery, like , so users can upload Filters files and others can use it.
    most users (like me) are not professionals in adding images, so if for example i want beautiful frame to my photo, i would go to gimp website>Filters gallery>frames (similar to gnome look)

  11. “Introduce tabs into the image window. The possibility of having multiple images open in a tabbed image window.”

    This would be an awesome feature. I would hope one could still have multiple windows each with its own tabs and that tabs could be moved from one window to another. One thing to keep in mind when working with the GUI is that some people use a single, 4:3 aspect ratio monitor, while others use ‘widescreen’ formats and others still use multiple monitors.

  12. Hm, about that crash… On my windows XP the 2.6.1 crashes from time to time. I’ve used it for two days, and it has already crashed 4-5 times. Better save the work often, then; I’ll continue to explore the gimp, it seems a great tool!


  13. I am using GIMP 2.6. (I believe it’s GIMP 2.6.1, but I could be mistaken) An error (one that was supposed to have been fixed, right?) appears whenever I try to open a PSD image file. The message box states…

    “Error loading PSD file: Unsupported compression mode: 65488”

    I have recently downloaded new brushes to use. But I have opened this file since without a problem. Any ideas?

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