GIMP 2.6! As promised released in September – on September 31!

Congratulations to Sven, Mitch and all the others!

If you don’t know “Meet the GIMP!”

It’s a weekly video podcast about GIMP, digital photography and graphics. Swings between tutorial and friendly ramblings. Have a look around on the site and into the archive.

Soon you’ll see a video here about setting up GIMP 2.6 and the new stuff I like.

Ubuntu Hardy 32 Bit packages (Ubuntu has the 32 bit, not GIMP….)

I have downloaded them from, zipped them together and put them on this server. One download for you instead of 8 and less load for them.

Unpack in an empty directory and install with “sudo dpkg -i *”.

Have fun – it’s great!

31 thoughts on “GIMP 2.6! As promised released in September – on September 31!

  1. Far from disappointed!! This is a monumental step in the right direction!!! I am more than satisfied with the work being done with Gimp!!!

    Kudos to all the programmers doing the hard work for us!!

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  3. @Bob: CYMK was out of the question for this release, I don’t know where on the road map it is. But this release works on GEGL – a foundation for a lot to come.

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  5. What lots to come are we talking about Rolf?. Will these be highend features that neither Photoshop or Paintshop Pro have.

  6. Do we really need Photoshop or is Gimp enough.
    Do we need a ferrari or a less advanced carr.

    Do we need a camera of 5000 euro.
    Or is a Canon EOS 400 D enough.
    Do we need 24 focus points. Or is less enough.

    I don’t need that expensive program.
    A legal and for free program as Gimp is enough to me.

    Everyone can make pictures.
    Many people can make photos and sometimes we do like to improve parts with Gimp.

    Be happy. Look and see what they realised.
    Lets try to forget what they have to do next if we can’t program.
    Lets try to make photos instead of pictures.

    I love Gimp

  7. Agree
    And any way, the vast majority of people who claim the superiority of Photoshop, don’t even use the half of what Gimp already offer for free.

    Sure, Gimp can and will improve, but right now, but instead of being frustrated for whatever feature, look at what we’ve got….
    We already have an amazing piece of software, and MTG is doing what it’s take to teach how to use it at it’s full capacity. This is hour challenge. Growing in hour technical and artistic skill come with practice not with talking ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. Hey Ger

    Do we need a Professional Photo Editor for Linux?. Yes!

    The Windows and Mac OSX community have it. It’s called Photoshop CS4. We don’t have that luxury!. So we need highend features in Gimp and Krita for the Professional Photographer who uses Linux or other Unix variants only.

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  12. @Bob: If someone needs a better graphics program than there is at the moment under Unix, she has several options:

    – buy a Mac and CS
    – organize funding for making GIMP better
    – write the needed code
    – post blog entries and comments about the problem.

    Of course I want the best GIMP I can get. Of course I want 16 bit now! (My announcement of packages for 32 bit Ubuntu wasn’t understood everywhere… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Of course I want adjustment layers.

    But I guess Adobe has put more people/hours in designing the box and ad campaign for the new CS than the GIMP developers were able to put into planning, coding and testing.

    So I am thankful for what I have got (it’s a lot for free), fire up cinepaint if I need 16 bit and try to help a bit with this podcast.

    BTW, there is a donation button on ….

  13. Bob K, and the others that are unhappy with the progress in Gimp: I think that if you want cmyk and 16 bit so bad that the question is: How much support have you given to the Gimp project? Have you sent in your contributions? I have.

    If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

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  15. Te be honest. I do respect Bob K’s opinion and his call up.
    Differents meanings are allowed, all of them do ask for attention for Gimp.
    And that’s what’s we need!!!

  16. It just seems to me that the persons that complain the most about Gimp are also not using it, and that if they actually put the effort into learning what Gimp can do, would make the switch rather than upping for a $300.00 “Upgrade” fee every year or so. I really don’t feel that paying $800.00 is a privilege? I have used Photo$hop for many years. Yes they have some cool tutorials and groups and support. Yes if you are a “professional” you are expected to have and use it along with Lightroom and a host of expensive plug-ins. I would call the current implementation of Gimp as indeed “semi-pro”, however as is, it is more than adequate for 95% of those that currently use Photo$hop. What keeps most away from Gimp is that there are so few “Pros” using it. Not the fact that it will not meet or exceed their needs. Once CMYK, 32bit, and non-destructive “adjustment” layers are implemented, then I predict more and more “Pros” will jump on the Gimp Bandwagon!

  17. I think Bob has a point – but there is no help in complaining. The development is as fast as possible under the circumstances. How to change the circumstances is a much more important question than listing again and again what’s missing. One option is the donation button at ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Worst for GIMP are the Photoshop pirates. They could use GIMP and enlarge the user base. This would fuel the market for GIMP books, forums and podcasts. For example, I could make a deal with some photography magazine to include mtg on the monthly CD and write some stuff in there. Some of the money would go into GIMP. Or I could reduce my day job and do more for the GIMP propaganda department. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Instead they fuel a market for countless Photoshop books and magazine articles. Most of the described stuff is possible in GIMP, I have shown here more complex stuff than in most magazines.

    And they increase the impression that only Photoshop is capable to do graphics work. Good for Adobe, I wonder how much effort they put into tracking the pirates down.

  18. How good has to be Photoshop, that so much people prefere stealing it instead of using Gimp free and legally. Even totally noobs have it. Sometimes I think, I’m the only person owning a camera but without Photoshop.

    I read in other websites from people, who are disappointed about the new version. Maybe there was to much talking about the features to come in one of the next versions, instead of talking about the new features in 2.6. What’s new in this version? I mean, what’s new and you see the difference?

    @Rolf: You are right about the uncountable magazins and books about Photoshop. In some videos you hear ten-times “Photoshop” bevor the show has even startet ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Well, there is a market and there are a lot of people, who prefere getting their money with their hobby instead of real working. Ich wish, I could do this to ๐Ÿ™

  19. I love the 16:9 version of the videocast.

    I am new user of GIMP and it is wonderful. The new features are very promising. I hope in near future to be able to contribute to GIMP.

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  21. I got a friend that has to use photoshop to make a living… but he tells me that the day he’ll be able to work with CMYK colormaps in gimp, he’s gonna leave the photoshop.
    He does draws for comics and the like. He needs CMYK because the way the professional printers work here. Otherwise, Gimp provides everything he needs (or at least, he says so).

    And got another friend that likes to take pictures and then improve them using photoshop (mainly) or the sw included with the camera he bought. Everytime we meet he takes piss on me, ‘come on guy, come to the photoshop world…’. or ‘hey man, leave the crappy linux alone, .net and sharepoint are wonderful’ (we are both programmers).
    He has not used gimp, he hasn’t even bothered to give it a try… Not that he’s paying a photoshop license, either.

    Well, I like photography, and I feel quite comfortable with the gimp. What else could I possibly need? It’s true that it works 8 bit only, and that several operations are to take away some quality and color info from the picture.
    But I don’t care. Some day, Gimp will perform ok in these concerns. In the meanwhile, it is enough for a user like me -and also for the average user, imho-.
    If anything from me to the developers, I’d just encourage them to keep the good wonderful work.

    And for the people that -like my photoshopy friend- that like to talk about things they don’t know, or perhaps feel superior because they are using photoshop (which they have read or heard it’s better)… well it means nothing to me. I choose to use Gimp (and opensource stuff as much as I can). I try to help opensource projects (with donations or with actual work). And I don’t care if other people think there’s no good use for opensource apps. I do know that much open source software -as the gimp- works wonderfully and gives all one needs…

    So, welcome version 2.6, and many thanks for the developer team, and for of course to that shows us how to get the most of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Linux users don’t need to buy a Mac or install Windows to use Photoshop. Google funded efforts to make the WINE project support it, and if you have a legitimate copy of Photoshop, and not a crack, it will work fine.

    I hope GIMP realizes its potential, because my girlfriend does professional graphic design work, and Adobe costs a bloody fortune. But as it stands now, it’s not up to the task of doing professional print work. Does fine for anything specific to the web though, even at a professional level.

  23. Worst for GIMP are the Photoshop pirates. They could use GIMP and enlarge the user base.

    @Rolf, I get what you are saying. Just looking at some of the comments at the blog post I wrote made me realize that those of us versed with using GIMP have to make an effort to bring it mainstream.

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  26. GIMP is the BEST.

    thanx a lot to those who made this great software.

    I think GIMP is far better than Photoshop because GIMP is free & come packed in just 15 mb

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