Episode 008: Questions and Answers

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The sound quality got lost somewhere in the production chain. And I have no time to fix it because I have to finish the schedule for my school first. Next week with better sound….

In this episode I answer a some questions that came up in the last weeks. I discover the colour sample points, explain the colour picker a bit more in depth and give some pointers to ressources about the Gimp.

I promised some links:

Gimpusers – a very informative site about the Gimp.

Akkana Peck’s good book “Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional” beginninggimp-wilber.jpg on her site. The book is sold without Wilber on top! 😉 With this Amazon link you can buy it and increase her share on the price.

The Linux User mailing list. Subscribe to it – there is a lot of valuable information and only little noise.

The photocast_network_button_120.gif homepage, where you can also find the Focus Ring podcast.

This hasn’t made the podcast:

Meet the GIMP! is now listed in iTunes and Podcast Alley. If you like the show please let the people there know. 😉


00:22 Welcome
00:40 News
02:12 Sample points question
04:15 – trying it out
07:04 Colour picker
08:19 – sample merged
09:20 – sample average
09:55 Compressing .xcf files automatically
10:45 Blog video quality question
12:39 Non destructive curves? – No
13:20 Begining Gimp book
15:20 Photocast network
16:28 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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16 thoughts on “Episode 008: Questions and Answers

  1. Thanks a lot for all the info. I’ve now used some of the tools and methods that you described in my own photos! You mentioned that you send your photos to “the printer” is this your personal printer or to a professional printer that is available online (if so, can you share who you prefer)? Have you ever delt with color correction as far as getting your own personal printer to reflect what is on screen accurately? A friend of mine uses a commercial Windoze program, but I was wondering if you knew of a good open source solution?

  2. “The Printer” is either a shop 10 minutes away who has a Fuji Frontier and does a good and quick service, a shop across the street where I can upload the images via the net and get them there 4 days later or http://www.expressphoto.de – more expensive but even better in the colours.

    Up to now I could not force myself to go into the depth of Linux and photo printing. I own a Canon Pixma and use the Turboprint drivers. The photos are OK but not great.

    I calibrate my monitor by eye with the program “monica” and compare with a proof from the labs. Perhaps I’ll do a video about it.

  3. I love the podcast. I refused to go back to windoze for photo editing but was always intimidated to learn gimp without other people to show me the ins and outs.

  4. Thank you. Great videos. They are very informative and easy to follow. Image quality could indeed be a little bit better. Some changes you make to images are impossible to see. I think 800×600 will be better. Keep on Gimping!

  5. Thank you for the reply 😉 .

    A “question & answers” corner/episode is a great resource for everyone imho, since it helps to clarify and better understand things.

    Of course waiting for next tutorial.

  6. I’m using Miro on Ubuntu 7.04 to watch your podcasts. This episode has a sound problem, your voice is present only in the left channel. The problem persists when trying to view the file in mplayer or totem. I have no problems viewing the past episodes, so I guess it’s because of the encoding you are using with this episode. I hope you recode the episode and upload it again.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  7. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Episode 8: Questions and Answers, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  8. One way to find out what the questions in episode 8 were about would be to look at the episodes 1 to 7. 😉

    BTW, I removed the link you gave, I considered as pure SPAM. I am very pleased to find links to personal homepages and sites of artists selling their stuff, but please don’t link to pure advertisement.

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  10. I’ve been working through both your tutorials and the Peck book. While I’ve not yet achieved my main target–editing the various layers produced by PTMac and PTGui to create QTVR–I’m gaining some confidence in using GIMP as well as ideas on how to use it to do other things. Thanks!

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  13. >> I calibrate my monitor by eye with the program
    >> “monica” and compare with a proof from the labs.
    >> Perhaps I’ll do a video about it.

    Sounds very interesting to me. Hope it’s still on your todo-list and will come up soon 😉

    Thank you for the great videos. I learned a lot and find them more helpful than books or other online tutorials like the “Help” in many cases 😉

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