Episode 002: Setting up the GIMP

This video is obsolete and has been replaced by Episode 66 And if you really want to see the old stuff……

The GIMP is different from other Windows or Macintosh programs and so a bit different to set up. With this video I show how to move the dialogs into the main window, how to set up the tools and which preferences to change.

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00:20 Welcome
01:35 Tip of the day
02:10 Default Windows
02:50 Moving Dialogs into the main Window
04:10 Dialogs
04:30 Selecting/Removing Tools in the Toolbox
05:30 Preferences
09:00 The End
TOC made by paynekj

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany License.

17 thoughts on “Episode 002: Setting up the GIMP

  1. Another great episode. I’ve always customized the 2 default windows, kept them on separate sides of the screen, and placed the image in the middle. After seeing how you set it up, I realized how little I used most of that stuff, and if I just put the less used stuff into it’s own tab all in one window, I’ve got that much more screen space for the photo.

    I just wish I could get 2.3 for Windows. Maybe it’s time to finally switch my desktop over to Linux.

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  3. Thanks for the tutorials, enjoying them quite a bit! I’ve been a casual Gimp user for years but this will help me dig in more seriously.


  4. Hi, I just went through Meet the Gimp Episode 2 and configured things. But, when I was
    copying the color (foreground/background) tab to the Gimp window, I slipped and let up on the mouse before it arrived. It disappeared from the copy from window, and did not appear in the intended window. I can’t figure out how to put that tab where Rolf put it. I continued on and have all the tools as Rolf has, but this tab has confounded me. How do I get it back?

  5. Well, persistence paid off. I opened a tool, added a tab, dragged that to the desired window, and closed the unwanted window. But I have no idea exactly how I managed it!

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  7. Thanks for your very understandable tutorials. I might be able soon to enhance my pictures 🙂

    It would be great if you could also give the picture you are working on for each tutorial as some persons (I think I am not the only one) are trying to perform the actions in the same time than the video.
    I also think that tutorial 2 should be tutorial 1 as you use the layer icon in tutorial 1 that, by default, is not in the gimp window.

  8. The images are available for later shows, you’ll find the download links in the episodes.

    Meet the GIMP is no systematic tutorial. I jump from simple to complicated, from beginners stuff to advanced material – sometimes you’ll find a little thematic series and then just the stuff that popped into my mind.

    I see this as “educational entertainment”, it has to entertain at least me. Systematic education is my day job – I can do that but somebody has to pay me for that. 😉

    You have got some nice images on your flickr site!

    • Hi Rolf, Your tutorials are terrific, someone on Photonet.com turned me on to Gimp and I was overwhelmed until I found your stuff.
      By the way, my girl friend is German. She’s from the Schwarvelt
      I hope I spelled that right (Black Forrest).
      There are some instruction books for sale on Amazon. Do you think I should buy one?
      Best wishes,

      • Books – depends on your learning type. There ere several good ones on the market, but you’ll have to decide yourself. Perhaps a good bookstore is better suited than Amazon, if there still is one in your area.

        The Black Forrest is the Schwarzwald. 😉

  9. Thanks a lot for your reply Rolf. Glad you like some of my pictures. Do you have a Flickr account?
    As I like learning, I like your videos. Great entertainment. Thanks.

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