Episode 166: Shotwell revisited

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Just a short show about the newest version of Shotwell (0.11.1+trunk of September 19, 2011). They got hierarchical tags implemented – the only feature I really missed in comparison to F-Spot.

The features list (which I simply stole from their site…. )

  • Tags can now be organized into hierarchical trees
  • Paired RAW + JPEG images are treated as a single photo when imported from a camera
  • Select different developers for RAW photos: use the development produced by Shotwell or by your camera
  • Shotwell now uses GSettings instead of GConf to store its configuration information
  • “Hide Photos Already Imported” setting persists between imports
  • Several all-new saved search options
  • JPEG mimics of RAW images are no longer stored in your home directory, and are now created on demand
  • Shotwell now supports Windows Bitmap (.bmp) images

Try their precompiled packages or roll your own.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 166: Shotwell revisited

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  2. Rolf have you tried Linux Mint Debian Edition. I am using the Gnome Edition and it works better than the Main Edition. Plus it’s a rolling release. Thanks for the new episode.

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