Episode 155: Favicon

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[flattr /]Just a short (it’s grading hell….) episode about the little icons in your browser window and the bookmarks. It was a Microsoft™ invention (yes, they invented something πŸ˜‰ ) and so the most compatible file format is the Windows™ icon .ico file.


00:40 Favicons
01:50 Getting a favicon file into GIMP
02:45 Image properties dialogue
04:20 Adding transparency
05:02 Looking at the work of others
06:50 How to 3D
08:20 Exporting to .ico

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17 thoughts on “Episode 155: Favicon

  1. > I do not hear anything

    Yes, Seems like no sound was muxed in. I hope it’s not the mic.

    Btw, browsers will accept icons in png format as well if they are just named .ico or .icon

  2. I’ll try to find the time tonight to fix that. The sound in the original file is good, must have happened in the final stage.

    @nachbarnebenan: This is true for all browsers except M$ Internet Exploder.

  3. @Rolf
    Ok, didn’t know that as I don’t have it around. But I remember it not even supporting png correctly at all, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  4. Well something has changed in the video production process and is still wrong.

    I have downloaded and watched the video but I could not watch it in SMPlayer. I had to use VLC.

    In SMPlayer video froze and I could only hear sound. SMPlayer crashed 3 times on me.

    I tried watching episode 154 in SMPlayer – works perfect.

    Hope this helps.


  5. Oh I just noticed. Sound lasts only for few seconds more then video and then they both freeze in SMPlayer…

    I watched 3 previous episodes. Nothing bad happened.

    Not sure whats wrong with this one. I will look at the video info…


  6. @AndrzejL
    A lot has changed in the video stack recently. libavformat, libavfilter and libavcodec have seen some improvements and portability fixes. MPlayer, Vlc and obviously ffmpeg are moving along, but others can be a little bit behind for some time. Avidemux, Blender and Cinelerra maintain their own branches, so there can be some discrepancy for a while. But this should only happen if you use the current development versions. Streams produced by the stable versions should be compatible, otherwise it’s a bug to file.

  7. The current MeetTheGimp favicon (the one you designed in the video) looks great against a bright-ish background, cheers for that. However the favicon edges look jaggy and white spots appear, when displayed against a dark firefox theme. Try displaying the favicon with a dark grey/black behind, to see what I mean~!

    If I am not mistaken, I think you should have made the background transparent by using Color to Alpha, not Fuzzy Selection. Details, details, details! πŸ™‚

  8. it is unfortunate, but i can play the episodes with my iPod.
    I did it in past in my way: i copied the episode on my ipod and played them on TV. It’s great. But the newer episodes don’t work in this way.

  9. > Rolf when are we getting a new episode?. It’s been over two weeks. Just curious.

    I suppose this “surprise holiday trip” came so surprising to him, he didn’t have time to prepare something in advance. I’m confused, though. Do his students have holidays as well? Or do they accompany him?
    Well – we will wait and we will learn.

  10. I am working on an episode for the weekend. And I am entangled in video encoding problems…… additional to mostly nice surprises in work and life. πŸ˜‰

  11. Rolf are you going to give Debian 6 a try. If you do get the Live CD/DVD image. It has the non-free apps/drivers from what I read.

  12. I did a little article about how to put a Favicon on a Blogger Blog. – I need to update or put a new post up about this little golden treasure. πŸ™‚

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