Episode 145: Pictures at an Exhibition

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Download the Video! (old server)(26:50, 50.9MB)
Download the companion file with the images used (old server)

Here I am again, but now from Berlin!

In this episode I visit an exhibition of images by Oliver from the forum. You’ll see a bit from Berlin, the exhibition, Oliver (sorry Oliver, I had to take exactly that part of the footage…. 😉 ), how to fix frames to a wall without leaving traces and about fakemulating a matte.

Then I try to make an image ready for printing including getting the size right and making a faked emulated matte.

The maps in the videos are from the Open Street Map Project.

Sorry, there is no TOC up to now.

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22 thoughts on “Episode 145: Pictures at an Exhibition

  1. Back in the old days prints were generally exhibited mounted on thick card and without glass. The choice of colour for the board was always a problem and usually white was chosen. Great care needed to be taken over the adhesive used to make sure that the print was not damaged and, in competitions, the judges were influenced by the way a print was presented.

  2. Good to have the shows back, Rolf.

    I’m having trouble downloading the companion files this morning (Sat 11th Sept.) There seems to be an error at the server end. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi,
    Nice to watch the show after a small break.I hope you can help me to choose an economical and professional camera.I did a bit of googling and read CNET reviews about some models.Now i would like to know your suggestion.If u mail me at my E-mail id i have provided.Thank you.

  4. @rayadagio: This is a really cool video. Lots of work and really good images.

    @Norman: This culture of photography clubs and competitions is really small here in Germany, so I have never been in such a thing. But I can mentally envision such a judge seeing the small trace of adhesive coming through from the back side in an otherwise perfect image. 😉 Mounting on cardboard is no bad idea, reasonable price and (I assume) less carbon footprint than foam board.

    @mac: Try again, perhaps you hit the spot when Marcin was working on the server.

    @chintalvaady: There are so many variables in deciding which camera to buy that I can’t help you. And I am only a teacher for Chemistry and Biology, so no real expert. This one here can be economical and professional too. Depends on what you need.

    @monoceros: You can be happy that Berlin is broke. Otherwise they would buy tar and feathers and have the guards on the look for you at the town gates. 😉

  5. No idea what’s happening there – we are using a new server for the video files. Must be a bug.

    Try the new links above to the old server.

    @AndrzejL No idea why your comment wasn’t allowed.

    The thumbnails and all the rest of the one window version are in GIMP 2.7. I installed the dev version.

    The image has a nasty racist content – you could have been a bit more explicit in your warning. The video is not very educative, way to fast and not thought as a tutorial. It’s mostly painting over and blending the paint in. Added is a bit of warping.

  6. @ Rolf

    Thank You very much for replying. I am not sure why the commend was not allowed as well.

    I will ask for the gimp package to be upgraded in my distribution to the version You mentioned above.

    I removed the .txt file from my sandbox. Could You please remove my comment above?

    About the picture. I warned plus the picture link was very self-explanatory. I don’t mean to insult anyone. All I wanted was to show my “goal”. I would like to do this to my own pictures. I found the idea funny. Finding good tutorial to see how its done is close to impossible. Video was to fast for me as well which is why I have decided to come to You with my problem. I thought that maybe if an expert had a look at it he could understand the methods used in Photoshop and translate them into gimp and then make a slower / more educative video I could use it to reach my goal.

    Thanks a lot.


  7. Rolf, welcome into Berlin!
    How is school?
    What used you as making S-Bahn video and galerie video? You have new camera? The D200 has not video. I require know as my D200 became broken down and want buy anew
    I house near the galerie and not see you. What day you visit?

  8. I am not sure if I confused myself again or the podcast confused me.

    You start with wanting a 10 x 15 inch print at 300dpi, you make the canvas size in Gimp 3000 x 4500 pixels but at 72 dpi which according to Gimp has a print size of about 62 x 41 inches. Am I being particularly stupid or missing something obvious?

  9. @Rhian Geleick
    In the image scale dialog you just set the Gimp internal resolution, which gets written to the image header. The printer’s resolution is hardwired and it doesn’t care about this setting. It is, however, useful if you change the displayed units from pixels to cm (or inch) to see the real image size in Gimp.

  10. @Kevin @Philippe We’ll take care of the credits when John has made new music. he has something brewing, a bit funkier. Then we need a new intro and other stuff – a bit funkier. 😉

    @Rhian nachbarnebenan is right, this is just a meta information, completely ignored by most programs. And so I forge about it often. I should have set that, then I could have used the rulers also in Inch or cm/mm scales.

    @Karsten I was there during the vernissage and so got some Champagne and cookies. I made the videos with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7, a point and shoot. Video with a DSLR would look a bit better, w/o the autofocus problems and more control about DOF.

    @Andy No offence taken. The image was a “Joker” modification of a politician. I’ll try to do something like that with my face soon. Mid October I have 2 weeks off. ……

  11. Rolf 🙂 thank You very much for even considering doing this! I am so excited my RSS reader is set to check MTG ever 1 minute already :D! Glad You didn’t got offended by the pic. It was the last thing on earth I was planning to achieve when decided to comment on Your site.

    Thanks agaiin..



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  13. Hi Rolf,

    I love these video tutorials, thank you for your time,

    I noticed you asked for TOC for the videos that don’t have one, so I made one for this video (you can edit the text if you like, but the times are pretty accurate):

    145-Pictures at an Exhibition

    0:00 – Intro

    7:30 – Image size & resolution

    10:30 – Open photo in GIMP & Crop photo to 3:2

    13:40 – Create new image 4500×3000, add transparent layer & create frame

    17:00 – Add edge to frame

    18:10 – Resize original image for frame & copy

    19:55 – Copy image to new layer and centre in frame

    25:30 – Outro

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