Episode 126: Quick Karmic Frames

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A short one this time – I upgraded to Karmic Koala and did a clean install with new partitions and EXT4 file system. And now I am getting the important stuff back on the disk and leave the cruft out. This meant that a lot of the files needed for a proper podcast are still on the external disks.

I take a look a the new Folio by Jeff Curto at Lenswork – because it’s an example of printing an image on paper with a different aspect ratio, the images are really good and Jeff is a friend and I hope he sells a lot of them.  Jeff does two podcasts in the Photocast Network, Camera Position and The History of Photography. The last is the only podcast where I have experienced a coffee break.

I use an image from “wbool63” from the forum to make some nice frames with G’MIC, the Swiss Knife plugin from France.

And I have done….


00:20 Greetings and Jeff Curto at lenswork
02:30 Using a white frame and text
03:10 Cropping an image
05:50 Getting a square crop
06:20 Eyes out of focus – no problem here
07:10 G’MIC plugin and frames

No blackboard this time – and no mobile version  yet. The upgrade broke the toolchain, I have to compile ffmpeg to get it running again. Software patents are really …….

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7 thoughts on “Episode 126: Quick Karmic Frames

  1. It’s not only ffmpeg, Koala comes with a slightly broken libavformat which seems to have evaded all qa testing. Especially annoying when streaming broken matroska files and using nvidia’s vdpau to accelerate the viewing, as it can crash the x server hard.

    Btw, the packages I built all seem to have some kind of linking error in them so they don’t run if you use the proprietary nvidia driver. I will try, but I probably won’t be able to remake them until next week.

  2. Dear Rolf,
    Just a little word to thank you a lot for bringing some light to the G’MIC project in your episodes !
    I must confess I look at your videos always with a great pleasure since I discovered them few months ago.
    You get all my encouragements for keeping up this rare and useful work !



  3. David, I had G’MIC already in #104 and mentioned GREYCstoration also some times. But I always felt a bit intimidated by the sheer volume of options and choices. 😉 It’s a great collection of code.

    I’ll have to go deeper in when I tackle the noise problem……

  4. The interesting thing about framing is, that for the most balanced impression the sizes of the four frames are not identical. Left and right are identical, but the topside is a little bit wider, about 20%. The margin on the bottom is the largest, about 2.5 times of the topside. For comparison, imagine a developed polaroid photo or a well-placed page number on the bottom.

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  6. That was very interesting and I want to have this plug-in for Mac.
    But how to install this?
    I downloaded a zip file but it does not install.

    Thank you so much for all the interesting shows.

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