Episode 125: Crop it! But how?

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We had a nice discussion in the forum about how to crop. What shall determine the crop, the output paper format or the content of the image?

The two main aspect ratios used in digital cameras are 2:3 and 3:4. This has technical reasons – not artistic considerations. Then there is a flood of different formats for papers, from ancient to the modern A-series. The big question: How do you fit your camera image onto the paper?

I show two ways of getting it right. One is to leave a strip of paper white and cut it off later. Or you put the image into the centre of the paper and leave a nice white border around it. For both a bit of math is needed.

In the video I mention a script for getting images straight – a rotation tool on steroids. You find it at Ray Adagio’s Script Manufacture.

What happens in the camera when you change the ISO? This is my topic for the tech part of the show.

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13 thoughts on “Episode 125: Crop it! But how?

  1. You did mention a script to rotate the image… I would like to know which one you’re talking about, thank you in advance! 🙂

    … and: Nice show, as always! 🙂

  2. You are using quite a nice virtual gimp blackboard, I could recreate that easily by creating a grid (Filter->Render->Pattern->Grid), and I also tried to mimic your chalk.
    The trick seems to be in the ‘jitter’, setting of the paintbrush or pencil.
    I actually used a paintbrush, so that the pressure on my wacom influences the hardness and size.
    Maybe you can explain your settings for chalk to us, your fans 🙂

  3. Have a TOC:

    Episode 125: Crop it! But how?
    00:24 Welcome
    00:35 Discussion on the forum
    01:47 Image of a leaf
    02:30 35mm format aspect ratio
    04:15 Image of rivets
    05:12 Rotate the image
    06:40 Crop based on including the wanted features
    08:40 Image on a foggy morning
    09:08 Adding guides by percent
    10:00 Where 4 by 3 aspect ratio comes from
    11:00 Examine the image
    12:00 Crop to a fixed aspect ratio
    12:40 Cropping guide-lines
    15:15 How to crop to fit a paper size
    16:27 Set canvas size
    18:00 Add a background layer
    19:00 Add colour and contrast strips
    20:20 How to fit image to a specific print aspect ratio
    23:20 Digital photography – ISO settings
    29:05 Why noise increases with ISO
    31:35 Why the web-site goes slowly sometimes
    33:05 Donations for 2010 please
    34:40 The End

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  5. Another excellent show. I miss the tech talk, but this episode helped me a lot to understand ISO.

    I still have trouble deciding what ISO to shoot at but now I have a better idea of what it all means.

    Very creative use of the Blend tool. This totally explained ISO Noise to me in a visual way.

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