Episode 118: Looking in the Crystal Ball at GIMP 2.8


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I take my big soft lens polishing cloth out of the cupboard and give my crystal ball a good rub. Usually I use it for writing reports about kids, but today I look at the upcoming GIMP 2.8.

With the publication of version 2.7.1 and some mails from the developers mailing list one can predict fairly good what will be in 2.8. I have compiled version 2.7.1 and try the stuff that was described in the posting at gimpusers.com.

I am looking forward to the publication of 2.8, even if it is not the “big step” and “16 Bit”. But it is the last stepping stone into that direction.

I had only little time to make this episode. There are probably some editing glitches and I had no chance to make a TOC. Too late in the evening.

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16 thoughts on “Episode 118: Looking in the Crystal Ball at GIMP 2.8

  1. > I take my big soft lens polishing cloth out of the cupboard and give my crystal ball a good rub. Usually I use it for writing reports about kids

    Ah, so that’s how teachers do it. I’ve always wondered why they seemed to know everything about us, even though we didn’t say a thing. Ehm – where can one get such a wonder?

    And in retrospect, I should have chosen a better photo for the screenshot I suppose. The few minutes to find a nice one wouldn’t have hurt.

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  4. I love the groups option for layers in GIMP as a new addition ….

    But please ask them if they add the export option for file types not to remove the old one ….

    I can see what they are doing here …. trying to standardize it and make it a clone of Photoshop ,,,,,

    But this option means that …… you have to go searching for export …. and therefore adds extra keystrokes
    to do the same task as before …. ( this is not enhancing it – its the opposite )

    But as I say on a good note the Groups additions to layers is brilliant ….

  5. Towards the Gimp 2.8, it looks promising!

    The groups of layers is great; and the GEGL integration is been brought one step further.

    And as for changes in ui, I think they are great (we’ll have to get used to the hotkeys changed, though); I only hope that in the end, the Gimp doesn’t get ‘photoshopized’ (ui in single window and the like). The minimizing with toolbox stuff is also great.

    Thanks for the show, it is -as usual- interesting.


  6. Just read that 2.8 will actually come with a single-window mode: http://www.mmiworks.net/eng/publications/2009/09/gimp-single-mode.html
    Seems like there are going to be quite a few changes in the UI.
    Love your show by the way, just went through a marathon of 116 episodes in the last three weeks and learned a lot. Thanks! I even bought myself a Wacom tablet because of your reviews.
    I started a while ago with my own little german linux-podcast and talked a bit about your show in episode 9.
    Looking forward to the next shows, would love to see some more photography-related stuff again.

  7. Cheers Mathias

    I have read the thread ,,,, you posted thank you …

    I have 2.7 running …. but just want to say that I still find it difficult to understand why

    a check box with a simple tick in it …….


    Would not have been more appropriate here ….. IMHO ……

    Jpeg …. tick ….. thats the filetype that I want to save ….
    XCF ….. …………. tick this box and the Jpeg toggles off ……..

    Choices ….. are useful …… – thats just the way it is ……. not everybody wants the same ….

    I save lots of jpeg files …… XCF are no good on the web pages …. for me …. they are not recognised.

    The more I use 2.7 ….. the more I am cursing ,,,, ……

    I might end up being left behind using 2.6 ……. for a while ….. but I will be surprised if I am alone …

    So ………..

    Until others start to use it and find how annoying it becomes ….. thats if you save jpg files ……

    ……………… If not then you might be happy with the way its setup …….

    I was just hoping that if something was done early enough ,,,,, then in the future ….. the programmer
    may not turn around and say ……. its too late now ,,,,, why didn’t someone say sooner ……

    To me it seems logical to do this ….. now not later on ………


  8. You are very right. Feedback as soon as possible is the best to do.
    But for real feedback to the developers you should go to gimp.org. I doubt they read every post here…
    Speaking for me, I really like the new export function. I hated it in the beginning but after some time it becomes more and more useful. I can save snapshots everytime without having to specify the XCF in between again.

  9. looks like it is time for me to update from 2.2!

    As far as the broken torrent, would it be ok to save this video to megavideo so people can watch it streaming, or download from there? I can post it and provide a link, but only if the author is ok with that.

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