Episode 115: Jahshaka and a GAP

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You may have noticed the new intro at the top of the show since we turned HD. It was made by Philippe with a combination of GIMP, Jahshaka and GAP, the GIMP Animation Package. As reported by Torbjorn below Jahshaka has been given a new name, CineFX: http://www.cinefx.org/ Is this a fork?

Jahshaka is a video editing and special effects tool. I looked into it as an editor when I planned this podcast and preferred then Cinelerra instead. Jahshaka has matured a lot in the last two years but is still a pain to install under most Linuxes, but it seems to be fine with Windows and OS X.

Philippe asked me to write here that this is just a short look into Jahshaka – no in depth tutorial. But I liked it a lot while I was editing the video.

And think about our two challenges! We have already some entries for the photography department – but the “from scratch” area is still an empty canvas. Well, it takes more time dto do something from scratch and the challenge is open up to September 9th.

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15 thoughts on “Episode 115: Jahshaka and a GAP

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  2. Jahshaka has matured a lot in the last two years

    What? The last entry on the website is more than a year old, so is the last commit on the code. Yes, Jahshaka looks very promising – but it also looks pretty dead.

  3. You hare right, the code did not moved since last year, some small improvement in the stability, since I use Jahshaka, they was always those big announcement about the next release, a lot of good will, but outside of the already writed coded , nothing have happened.
    But aniway, this software piece is really promissing, and innovative, I just hope he will not die without being used more wildelly

  4. Well, watching Philippes video I was under the impression of more a mature program. I remember a constant series of crashes after a compile and install nightmare. Then the code was a year old and people were screaming at each other on the forum for not moving ahead. So there is an improvement compared to the state 3 years ago. 😉

  5. I thought I posted this yesterday, maybe it was caught in the spam-filter:

    Jahshaka has been given a new name, CineFX: http://www.cinefx.org/

    No news since February, but the latest version of the software, Cineplay and Cinecode, is from August 8.

    I remember trying Jahshaka on Windows a few years ago — it was so unstable that it was practically useless, and many things didn’t work at all, I think. Hope that CineFX isn’t just a new name, but that the development is also moving forward.

  6. That funny, I’ve recorded this show on the 7th of august, just 1 day before this move, I really hope they go somewhere
    Any way, some buzz is good for them now 🙂

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  9. I checked out CineFx site, but there are no downloads for a NLE
    (but it does have two other software downloads, though).

    So I searched some more and found conflicting information:
    Wikipedia does not have anything about CineFx. ( see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinefx).
    it still redirects to Jahshaka, and says it does not have basic things such as Non-linear editing.

    Sourceforge.net has Cinefx beta 1.1
    (but when was CineFx 1.0 released, and why is it not mentioned in Wikipedia?)

  10. The sourceforge file download turned out to be for CinePlay! 🙁
    So it seems there is no CineFX version available yet.
    Another series of high claims under a new name??

    BTW even the CineFX page talks about only a player (not NLE).

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