Episode 010: Rescuing the chapel from the rescue

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At the last show I made two blunders. I used an untested encoding and killed the sound for a lot of you and I used a layer mask with a lot of gray in it where it didn’t belong. So the sea didn’t look good.

In this episode I correct that mistake and add a bit of burning and dodging to get parts of the image darker or lighter. I don’t use the burn and dodge tool but use again a layer for better control. A bonus tip for the readers of the blog: If you set the foreground colour at start to medium gray and select then “foreground colour” as the layermask, you get around the step of filling the mask.


(I should have done a bit about the halo around the big rock…..)

This was the result of episode 9:


While this was encoding I worked again on the schedule. I am not sure to be able to put a show out on thursday. 🙁


00:25 Episode 9 update
01:16 Previous episode mistake
02:14 Correcting the mistake
03:00 – new layer mask
08:15 Dealing with the halos
08:51 Deliberate mistake with the gradient tool!
10:07 How avoid the mistake
11:33 Adjust the sky
12:15 The origins of dodging and burning
13:29 Dodging and burning Rolf’s way
13:38 – new layer
14:40 – dodging
16:40 – burning
19:19 Thanks
19:52 The End

TOC made by paynekj

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