Episode 095: Shrinking! (1)

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Again I steal an idea from the forum. It’s making fake tilt shift images. They look like images of model railway landscapes but are made from reality. Have a look at the forum for links to images by Bert and others.

I do half of the work in this podcast – planning the image and give the real world a plastic look. Next week I’ll add the focus blur that is so typical for macro shots.

But at the start I show that I have learned something from Philippe: Look carefully at an original. The image on the right is a H0 scale model in the sand on the Weser beach – real plastic.

The companion file contains the original shots – the xcf will follow next week.


00:30 Fake tilt shift images
01:50 Analyzing a macro shot of a toy
05:30 The real image
06:30 What shall be in the focus?
13:00 Rotate before crop and resize
16:00 Inside out crop
17:30 Scaling down
18:00 Analyze the plastic look
19:30 Selective sharpening
24:30 Unsharp mask for getting the plastic look
28:50 Specular highlights

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5 thoughts on “Episode 095: Shrinking! (1)

  1. I look forward to trying this out in GIMP. There’s an online version of this somewhere, but it would be nice to see how it’s done in GIMP. Downloading now.

  2. You wrote, “Again I steal an idea from the forum”. Stop doing so!
    For a idea can not be stolen, for there is no new ideas and what you do is to get inspired by ideas on the forum 🙂

  3. Rolf, very interesting show as usual. It’s been a long time since I watched you but I keep downloading the episodes so I can watch them all when I have more free time. I tried this miniaturization effect before following a tutorial on the web but your meticulous explanations and attention to details (so very German if you excuse me) is very, very useful. I am sure I will try to imitate you when I get a suitable photo. Heck, I think I am inspired enough to go and hunt for some shots just for the purpose 🙂

    I think someone might have mentioned this already but just in case no one has: starting, I believe, from Intrepid Compiz in Ubuntu darkens the windows of programs that stop responding (GIMP processing large images for example has the same effect – like it happened in your podcast when you rotated the image around min.15). You might want to configure Compiz so that it doesn’t do it while you are recording. Just a suggestion…

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