Episode 064: First Impressions of GIMP 2.6

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Just a quick view on GIMP 2.6 – and a new video format (16:9) for “Meet the GIMP!”. Do you like it? There is a poll on the sidebar….

If you have any problems viewing this on your device, please write a comment here. I would love to have more screen estate, but if this collides with your viewing I’ll stick to the old format.

You find the relese notes for GIMP 2.6 at http://gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.6.html.

44 thoughts on “Episode 064: First Impressions of GIMP 2.6

  1. I like the 16:9 aspect ratio because more and more monitors and TVs are 16:9 or 16:10. But the 852×480 resolution is a little but unusual. Why no use the standard DVD resolution 720×576 or even better go direct to the HD resolution 1280×720 or “Full HD” 1920×1080. My personal vote would be 1280×720.

    P.S. The intros was really nice.

  2. hahah loved the intro!

    personaly, the more resolution the better, specialy considering it’s a podcast for editing images. Don’t know much about what resolution works best on portable devices, but for us viewing it on the computer at least it’s much better 🙂

    Greetings from Barcelona

  3. 1280×720 could be recorded 1:1. This video was recorded at 1062×600 and then shrunken to 852×480.

    There is the question of file sizes, How much larger will a big screen video be?

    DVD format (720×576) has more room than the current 640×480, but around the same aspect ratio,

    Some thininking and testing is needed…. 😉

  4. Downloaded the MP4 file, plays fine on my Mac in Quicktime but needed to be converted in iSquint before it’d transfer onto an iPod Classic.

  5. Hi
    Here we gona enter in a problem,
    How can we have the same file providing HD 16:9 optimized for large screens, and also able to be played on an tiny portable multimedia player ????
    The only solution is to have two steam
    Usually the video cast use 640 x 360 for normal viewing, 320 x 180 for portable media, and 1280 x 720 for HD
    I’ve seen 720 x 406 typically AppleTV stream who can be a good compromise but who is more demanding on CPU

    For testing
    320 x 180

    640 x 360

    1280 x 720

    720 x 406

  6. Not talking about the show, but about GIMP itself: could something be done about this new freehand selection tool?

    How can they still call it the “freehand selection tool” after how they butchered it? I agree it can be extremely useful in certain situations, but now it’s annoying me and breaking my productivity. Very typical of them to not to include an option for this …

  7. @skerit — perhaps I don’t understand what is bothering you, but to me it seems that the tool can still be used as before, but now can also be used to do additional useful things. I do see that the auto-closure on mouse-up seems to be lost — is that what you dislike?

    On the video format, I guess the costs of higher res include storage and bandwidth, as well as possible difficulties for users with smaller screens. IMO, highest possible resolution gives diminishing returns to the tutorial value. I was never disappointed with the old 640×480. Simply adding 20% to the wiodth does seem that it allows more freedom in showing dialogs, tool options, etc. We should get more feedback from people having small screen devices.


  8. The new video format is most welcome! it plays well in Miro on a Mac and it feels much better than the old one. Regarding The GIMP. I was glad to read about the new GEGL mode. I was wondering the last years, why The GIMP does not switch to 16 bit mode or to floating point manipulation. I hope the GEGL mode will make things much better and I’m looking forward to see it on your show. As Mac User I have to wait a ‘while’ to get hold of The GIMP 2.6, but as I store my images as untouched originals since years, I have no problem waiting for The GIMP 2.6 for Mac.

  9. is it possible to make the image window always on the background ?

    you can make the fonts much more readable by using this tip

  10. One thing I didn’t understand was the purpose/funtion of the “Use GEGL” checkbox on the Colors menu. The chackbox implies that GEGL is somehow still considered somewhat tentative .. maybe?

    Does it mean that GEGL is *only* used when checked, and that otherwise all internals still use the old non-GEGL compositing (etc) code? If that is the case, are the developers looking for specific feedback from the user community about GEGL use?

    Anybody know about this?

  11. … but what will I do in half a year (I hope), when 2.8 is released (I hope again) with (and again…) a lot of really cool features for us users… 😉

  12. @skerit — I find the old and new free-select pretty similar to work with, providing you hover over enter with your non-mouse hand; then it’s basically the difference between:

    Selecting a single freehand area in one stroke:
    New: , or ( then Enter)

    Selecting multiple freehand areas consecutively:
    Old: , …
    New: ,… or (<drag then Enter),…

    Selecting polygonal areas:
    Old: Impossible
    New: ,…, Enter (or click on initial point)

    Adjusting polygonal or freehand strokes making up a freehand selection:
    Old: Impossible
    New: (or CTRL+

    Make a freehand selection with multiple strokes:
    Old: Impossible
    New: ,…

    Delete a misformed stroke in a freehand selection:
    Old: Impossible

  13. I have no idea what the problem is but I installed 2.6 last night and it opens the same way my 2.4 did. The UI looks nothing like the screencaps I’ve seen but the menu bar options are like what I’ve read about the new version. Any ideas on why it’s not opening like the screenshots?

  14. using itunes on windows and MTG064 crashes at first … restarting and then it runs perfectly…

    i like the 16:9-format

  15. I’m running windows so that may have something to do with it, not sure. I did a custom install and typed 2.6 like I had read about on a gimp forum. I looked and I still have my 2.4.6 in my program files but it doesn’t show up to start. And the Help/About says 2.6. Now I’m afraid if I uninstall 2.6 I’ll lose even the old.

  16. for those who can’t get the tool boxes over the image event when the windows are set to utility windows in ubuntu, turn off compiz (system>preferences>Appearance>Visual Effects>none), then the windows will stick on top of the image window.
    (if you really miss visual effects use metacity instead of compiz, type in terminat “gconftool -s /apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager true –type=bool” without the quotes)

  17. I like the new video format, but it does require a reformat to load to ipod nano. A minor issue for having such a great resource.

    thanks for your podcast Rolf

  18. I like the new format much better than the old one. I like the ability to see your toolbox at the same time as the current project you are working on.

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  21. I like the fact that Meet The GIMP is distributed in a small format. It keeps size down. And it makes it compatible with hardware video players. Devices like the iPod video come to mind.

    I own a LaCie LaCinema Premier harddisk video player, which seems capable of players the MP4 files just fine. Somehow I can’t fastforward or rewind, but that’s not much of a problem.

    The new 16:9 format works on the LaCinema device as well. On my old 4:3 TV, this means I get black bars, and the letters get smaller and harder to read. Which isn’t very nice.

    So my personal preference would be to stick with 4:3. Of course I’m not your only viewer. So I would very well understand the switch to 16:9.

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  23. I have only been using gimp for about 6 months and didn’t use any other photo manipulation program before that, and I’m just now finding your video’s. This one looked great loved the intro.

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