Episode 049: Making a Hat

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As nothing catastrophic has happened this week I’ll continue trying to make simple graphics with GIMP. You see one of them on the left.

This is done with the selection tools, working with paths and gradient fills.

If you need something more complicated, go to inkscape and the tutorials from Richard and heathenx. You know the proverb about screws and hammers….

One tip: Always use layers. If in doubt, add a new layer and work on that. It gives you some of the flexibilty of a vector based program, you can move, rotate and scale parts of the image without much effort.

This hat is here with a purpose. I had to shell out more money for this project as planned. And a lot of you have offered assistance. So here I am putting the hat on the street.

My account at PayPal is under the ID “rs@gorfnet.de”. I tried to make a button here, but the thing always bombs out with some decryption errors. Perhaps WordPress messing with the code?

Does somebody know a different micro payment system? Perhaps a better one? A GeekBank would be a nice thing…. 😉

If you want to give me some money via the European bank system, ask me for the IBAN/BIC number per mail. I don’t want to put them up here. And as I said in the video, I like stuff from ThinkGeek.com and Amazon.DE.

More about lowering the running costs by sharing the server will follw in time.

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14 thoughts on “Episode 049: Making a Hat

  1. Sent you a paypal!! Thanks for everything Rolf! Each new edition is always a high point of my week!!

  2. Sorry, I wanted to react a bit earlier. Up to now I have got 4 PayPals totaling 60 US$ and two people have put money in the European banking pipeline – one 10€, the other I don’t know the amount up to now.

    I’ll put a thank you list out this weekend.

  3. I saw my internet account. The €10 of my account has been transferred.
    @Jeffrey. It’s not necessary to reveal my names. 😉

  4. Just a comment on the default GIMP and KDE short-cut keys.

    In KDE Alt+left click moves a window, so this overrides the GIMP “move selection” which is the same combo.

    To overcome this, simply disable window actions in GIMP by clicking on the window icon in the top left above “File”, select “Configure Window Behaviour -> Actions -> Windows Actions” and change the behaviour you would like to disable, in this case “Modifier Key + left button” to disable.

  5. I can’t find the link to the “pressed-keys” program, you used in previous podcasts…
    Didn’t you mention to put the link here?

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