Episode 042: Don’t Panic!

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This time I am not in Bremen but in Seefeld near the North Sea. I was there for a weekend training in school management.

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The show starts with a live view at Gimp 2.5.0. Tobias Jakobs sent me a video about some new features and I add another one. This is alpha software, keep away if you are not helping with debugging. And never do “real work” with it.

Tobias Jakobs is well known in the German Gimp community for winning an image manipulation contest ahead of all the Photoshoppers.

Seefeld is in a nice area, as you can see from the aerial view. A lot of fresh air and the sea near by. We had not enough time for long walks but I could grab the shot above. You’ll see how I made that out of a pretty boring original image The original shot with a bit of curves and the healing tool. You can download the original and the processed shot in their full size at 23hq.com.

You all know Joseph AKA bluemojo. He covers the Foreground Select Tool and shows all the details. He also has a link covering the SIOX algorithm behind it. For all concerned minds – he dug his three girls out before the tide came in. 😉

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18 thoughts on “Episode 042: Don’t Panic!

  1. Heh. The make messages were a fun touch. When I saw that, I said to myself, “Hey! That looks familiar!”

  2. Hi there.

    Nice tutorial once again, thanks to Joseph too 🙂

    And, as Andrew says, nice ‘make’ stuff on the show, seems like despite of the ease of using apt, we will never forget about configure-ing/make-ing/make install-ing linux stuff.

  3. It’s nice to be kept informed on upcoming releases of Gimp. Can’t wait to try out the 16 or 32 bit gimp. Does Photoshop have 32 bit? I can see them turning green!! I am tired of getting beat up by the Photo$hop users over in flickr. They ban my links to gimp and its tutorials as spam, yet allow the same links to p$ trial versions and tutorials. They even tout pirated versions of p$ before even thinking about gimp.

  4. Thank god youre the minority…
    I had a look at the video and i want my f***ing 20 minutes of lifetime back!
    @ the german guy: your english sucks hell. speak german, or speak english, but please… choose one of them.
    @ the american dude: stop taking valium, when you try to teach others, its like school.

    result: absolutely unprofessional

    i mean, you sound like geeks, but without the intellectual power of geeks.

    take this as constuctive critic and work on yourselfs…

  5. Seems to be someone from southern Germany ….. Fischkopf = fish head – their nickname for us here;-) And not quite right out of adolescence. Otherwise he would have noticed much faster that he was wasting his lifetime here.

    Just to get the record straight – this is unprofessional because we are no professionals. And never claimed to be.

    I am a professional teacher – but for kids and only trained in “live performance”. This is a spare time project. If someone is willing to pay enough money, I’ll think about switching jobs….. 😉

  6. hell yes. How could i forget, that it’s unprofessional to call unprofessionals unprofessional :-/

    I thought it might be better, if you pay more attention to quality:

    – Your picture has a nice composition, but its unsharp as hell (i know thats mentioned in the video).

    – Youre mixing english sentences with german pronounciation of letters (“geop” or something in the video”)

    – Your american mate is talking WAY too slow, i didnt even realize, that i was still watching the video

    I must admit that I’m a big fan of the idea of Open Source and GIMP especially, but the reason why OS will always play a back role, is that its presented in a bad way.

    Just wanted you to know..

  7. Your critique is partly justified.

    My English is a bit “German mad scientist” style. Got better in the last year I think – but I have not much real conversations in English. And I work without script, so I can’t look for pitfalls in advance. And Joseph spoke slow, perhaps too slow. It’s difficult to lecture without looking at your audience.

    Why should the image have been tack sharp? The image was made with a P&S, handhold, on a walk with colleagues. I could have used a shot made with my D200 from a tripod – but the intention was to show what can be made out of a grab shot – much more common than a planned shot. I try not to show off my photography skills but to offer solutions for everyday life.

    Unprofessional – what’s your idea of professional?

    Let’s see what would be necessary to get this on a “professional level”.

    – writing a rough draft
    – writing a script
    – recording the video
    – recording the voice of a professional speaker
    – sound editing
    – editing the video
    – writing copy for the website
    – publishing video and blog

    And perhaps even more.

    This is simply impossible to do without funding and in spare time. I need about 4 to 5 hours for one show – sometimes more, seldom less.

    I am getting some help but would be happy about more. What can you do for this project except writing with a fake email??

    With all the imperfections this is more helpful than no video about GIMP. And I’ll keep it up until somebody more able steps in or I run out of ideas or time.

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  9. Rolf,

    I am from the UK and for this reason I think that I am thus more than qualified to to say that your English is of an excellent standard. Sometimes, your pronounciation is not quite correct, but this makes your podcast all the more charming! If everything were perfect, I think I would be far less inclined to listen!

    I frankly think you are doing an excellent job!

    Keep up the excellent work!


  10. Rolf,
    I appreciate your efforts so much. I have learned more about using Gimp from your podcasts than from any resource I purchased.

    Wonderful job!


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