Episode 019: Paaanoooraaamaaa! and a Challenge for You!

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Panorama of my street

Joseph, also known as BlueMojo, has made a screenrecording about the panorama software Hugin. And of course I had to try it too!

I installed Hugin on Ubuntu 7.10 – I’ll post some quirks I had to circumvert later. Then I went out on to my street and shot a series while I turned 360°. I followed Josep’s advice and set exposure, white balance and focus to manual.

Here are some links for you to explore:

  • The files from Joseph and me for download are linked in the next post. There is a feed problem.
  • The Hugin project homepage.
  • Wikipedia entry about panoramas with some excellent examples. Including the chinese drawing from the show.
  • A blog entry about shooting panoramas on a site about linux and photography. The blog is worth to explore and there is more to come.
  • Edit: A tutorial about Hugin on the same site.
  • A list of all the Lottofeen in the German TV. ;-)

And here is your challenge: Make a panorama with Hugin (or another Open Source Software) and put it into the meetthegimp.org photogroup at 23. On (or after) Friday Dec. 14 I’ll ask a guest to draw one of the entries in a pure scientifically randomized way. ;-) The winner will get a code for a year of “plus” membership at 23 (value 20€). And in the last show before Christmas I’ll show all the images in a special last 2007 episode.


00:23 Welcome
00:30 Chinese panoramic paintings
03:52 Hugin
05:10 – field of view and focal length
06:36 – projections
09:45 Pictures of Bremen
14:40 Panorama Challenge
16:30 the End
TOC made by paynekj

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16 thoughts on “Episode 019: Paaanoooraaamaaa! and a Challenge for You!

  1. Some of you might enjoy my 360’s, displayed dynamically, at my site…
    My most important tip is to eliminate parallax then sort out your lens distortion parameters. This way, you only have to put in two or three control point pairs for each overlap, by hand, for excellent stitches every time.

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  3. I dont know, wether this works with Linux…
    I is a Windows standard, i.e. with Word (07) or the Internet Explorer (7), that you can zoom into a document by pressing Ctrl and using the Mouse-Wheel. This works also with the Gimp. The Program zooms to the object where your mouse is on. This is very useful – I haven’t used the regular gimp-zoom-tool for a long time. Maybe you can tell about this trick – it’s the quickest way to zoom in and out.
    And thank you for the many great tutorials!

  4. the zoom trick works also in linux…. I haven’t used the zoom tool, too…
    Its not a windows standard – its a program standard its also works in the linux versions of opera and firefox…. and some other programs….

    but in some other programs, not gimp, the mouse cursor is not the zoom point….

    sry 4 my bad english….

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  6. so, its opened to mid. dec.? letz say the 15.?
    i’m waiting for the snow to make my panorama…

    The motive is clear but I want it covered in white snow 😉
    So I’ve taken some pictures and made a panorama, but it’s not worth to show that…..
    I want to take this pics when its covered with snow……


    P.S. my bad english results in my native language….

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  11. Of course this can also be done in Photoshop and Acropano. And a lot of other programs.

    But for free with free Open Source Software? 🙂

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