Episode 018: Selecting Selections (Part 2)

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Selections are widely used in Gimp. Select something to work only on that, to cut or copy it, to move it around.

In this show I cover the “fuzzy select tool”, the “select by colour tool”, the “intelligent scissors” and the “foreground select tool”.

I hope you had not too much trouble with the feed change…


00:23 Welcome
00:32 Meet The Gimp web-site
03:45 Fuzzy Select Tool
06:15 – threshold
08:40 – changing threshold dynamically
10:00 – selecting by hue
11:55 Colour select tool
12:40 Intelligent Scissors
16:45 Foreground select tool
21:00 The Feed
22:39 The End
TOC made by paynekj

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14 thoughts on “Episode 018: Selecting Selections (Part 2)

  1. Thanks for the selections demo! Will you be able to talk about CMYK plugins for the gimp. How to prepare photo content for the print media. I have interest in the Scribus program for desktop publishing application using photo’s for brochures and newsletters.

  2. Thanks for demistifying the “fairly intelligent scissors” and the foreground selection tools. I haven’t found them to be particurlarly intuitive.

    This is the podcast I look forward to the most! Great job, Rolf.

  3. Outch – look at the title……

    This was episode 18, not 17. And I don’t have the courage to change the blog entry out of fear to trigger an other reloading orgy……

  4. @amigapc: I don’t think that I can cover CMYK with enough competence. I know what it is, why it is used and that the printers want to have it. But how to do that? No idea. I know enough to know that there is a lot of “black art” in printing.

    I print my stuff by sending or carrying a RGB file to a printers shop and they feed that into a Fudji Frontier or a similar beast. I never did something for an offset machine or so.

    There is a great screencast about scribus somewhere. I forgot to bookmark that. 🙁

  5. This weekend I downloaded all the videos and watched them all while trying myself on Gimp. I have used PhotoShop for a long time, not any expert, but I know how to work with my pictures, and missed it after leaving Windows to Ubuntu Linux. But thanks to you I now know how to use the Gimp, a program that I just like more and more – and can do all that I need(at least so far). No more need for PS.
    Your tutorials are very well made, easy to follow(when starting with no 1) – and the tempo is just correct for me, and I have learned a lot.

    So; tusen takk(=thanks on Norwgian =)

  6. I’ve been using the gimp exclusively for my photography for about 2 years now.

    I stumbled across your videos yesterday, and downloaded them all, watching the first 5 last night.

    After the first 5 videos, I’ve learnt more about the gimp than I’ve done in 2 years !!!

    Excellent work Rolf !!!! Keep it up.

  7. Hi Rolf!
    This is a greate show, I’ve learned some things, I didn’t now about the tools asspecialy the click&move thing….

    – composite meens the combination of red,green and blue channel, i suppose….. its a thing from video editing…..

    sorry my english is very bad….
    so mail me if you like to talk in german….

  8. Thanks for doing these video tutorials Rolf! I downloaded GIMP a while back, when I wanted to do some quick changes to an image and didn’t have Photoshop Elements installed on my laptop. I’d already used Elements a bit, and I hoped I’d quickly be able to figure out how to make the changes I wanted with GIMP. Being in a hurry, I must admit that I gave up after a short while.

    So it was a very pleasant surprise to find these video tutorials. Thanks for letting us save the videos for offline viewing. They are a goldmine of information! Now I’ll definately download GIMP and try it out again – this time armed with your videos and some more patience. I really like the open source and community idea which has given birth to GIMP and other great programs. I don’t know if you already have a lot of visitors from Denmark, but I’ll post a link to your site in some forums here in DK.

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