Episode 014: Liquid Rescaling, Seam Carving and COWS!

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Liquid Rescaling or Seam Carving – two names for a new way to change the proportions of pictures while keeping the content in shape. The Gimp now has such a plugin and I’ll show you how to use it. COWS? Well, they are important…..

Edit: There is a new version of the plugin out.


I promised some links:

Don’t forget to make a triptych and post it in the photogroup. I’ll draw a winner for the one year 23Plus membership sponsored by 23 in show 16. So you have still time to Oct. 18 to submit an entry. The pictures there are already worth to be looked at.


00:23 Welcome
00:32 Liquid rescaling
02:34 Getting the plug-in
03:24 The start image
03:50 Shrinking the standard way
05:07 Shrink using liquid rescale
06:40 Comparing the two results
08:40 Protecting some areas
10:25 Removing some parts
10:55 Running the plug-in
12:58 Making a panorama
15:50 Not quite so wide
16:55 Stretching the panorama again
20:10 23hq photo sharing
24:13 The end
TOC made by paynekj

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16 thoughts on “Episode 014: Liquid Rescaling, Seam Carving and COWS!

  1. In this episode, you said that the Liquid-Rescale-Plugin would not work on Mac OS, but I managed to compile and run it without any hassle… I think there are just no binaries available, but the plugin is working fine on OS X.

  2. I’ve tried the plugin under Gimp 2.4 3rd release. It seems to be working without any mistakes to me. And this episode was very comprehensive to me.

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  9. Just started watching your videos and they are really helping me to understand all the features that GIMP has, I never would have thought that a free program would be so comprehensive and so competitive against the photoshop (not free) program. Thanks for all you do.

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